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    6 Ways to provide some New Life to Tired Content

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    girl computer

    A website is all fun and games while people are still visiting it.

    But there is one ugly fact of life where websites are concerned – visitors are fickle.

    Remember that. Fickle. And if you don't keep those people entertained and informed with your site's content, even the most devoted fan can only stand so much.  After all, there is the whole big Internet out there, and most people have little time for a website whose content has become a new cure for insomnia.

    Not everybody will tell you when your content has become stale, but it really isn't hard to figure out.  

    • Has your traffic dropped off, either suddenly or gradually over time? 
    • Have visitors quit sharing your content on social media sites? 
    • Have people stopped commenting on your articles? 
    • Are sites other than yours being quoted by people in your business? 

    If you answered yes to at least two of those questions, it's time to face facts: The thrill is gone.

    If you care enough, you can bring back the joy and excitement your SEO copywriting used to have, back in the beginning.  But it's going to take a lot of hard work and some willingness to admit that what you've been doing just isn't working anymore.  Too often, many writers just aren't ready to admit that their efforts are no longer working. But this isn't the time to let ego get in the way of what's right for your content. 

    Repeat after me: Change is good. 

    So what kinds of changes will give new life back to your tired, stale content?  

    1. Try a bit of humor. Everybody likes someone who's willing to laugh at themselves. You don't have to suddenly turn your writing into something worthy of being read on the Jon Stewart show, but if all you're doing is preaching at your visitors, lighten it up a little bit. 

    2. Try some new media forms. Have you ever considered adding a little bit of music? How about a video of some kind, whether it's you or something related you've tracked down on You Tube?  

    3. How about some guest posting? There are all kinds of bloggers out there just dying to put a guest post on someone else's blog. Maybe you can liven up your content by letting someone else say their piece. And what's great about this? They'll return the favor, and you can bring in some new site visitors from another website. New visitors haven't had the chance to find your content stale! 

    4. Say something controversial and make sure you get some well placed tweets out there on Twitter about it. It doesn't have to be so controversial that you anger potential site visitors, but maybe it can be a post that is just off-center enough to get people talking. 

    5. Offer site visitors a service they can use. Do you know where they can get some free software they can use? How about a forum where they can discuss your content? Fickle people can be brought back around if they need what it is you're offering, and if you keep then needing you. 

    6. Put some of the practices you see on your favorite websites to work for you. It's not about copying the websites; rather, what do these sites have going for them? Do you like the tone of their writing? A good writer gets better when he or she reads well-written copy.   

    After all, boring content means a boring site. And that doesn't do anyone any good. 

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    5 Good Ways to Keep Writers Block from Hurting Your SEO Efforts

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    girl thinkThere's nothing worse than that big blank page on your screen.

    It sits there, taunting you, daring you to come up with those words that will attract readers, entertain them, thrill them with your knowledge, and enchant them with your charm.

    Some days, the words come easily. You're full of inspiration and hope and you churn out written gems like you're going for the Pulitzer.

    Then it dries up. Maybe it's winter and the back-to-back snowstorms have you frozen in your easy chair, eating miniature chocolate bars and watching bad romantic comedies. Or maybe you've noticed that the last couple articles you've written haven't gotten any comments or re-tweets, so you figure nobody's reading them anyway.

    Let's face it, you're in a funk that can become a creative Bermuda Triangle. If you don't take the proper steps, you might come out of that funk long enough to pull some articles together, but your writing style can really take a hit.

    And when your writing starts taking that creative dip, you could find yourself writing something to get your words out there – but if they're not your best words, you might find that your article marketing efforts are being wasted and your potential readers are looking for their inspiration somewhere else.

    So how do you nip all this in the bud, before everything starts taking that downward spiral? Here's five good ways:

    1. Chill out. While you're presumably a good writer, or you wouldn't be doing this to make money in the first place, sometimes you just have to put aside your worries. Don't sit there and stare at that blank page. Do something else and come back to your article later.

    2. Don't worry so much about the keywords. While keywords are an important part of article marketing and SEO efforts, effective, interesting copy that gets read is even more important. Don't stress out so much over writing something that includes keywords and just write something that makes you happy and that you would be interested in reading yourself. You can always go back and plug in the keywords later. 

    3. Get some new ideas. When you've been writing a lot, you may find that your articles are starting to sound repetitive. If that's happening, get on the computer and go surfing for other blogs on the topic you're writing. The idea isn't about copying those blogs and trying to pass them off as your own – that's plagiarism and it's repugnant. The idea here is to see how other bloggers are writing about the things you are and use their ideas for inspiration.

    4. Don't just read blogs. When you sit around reading only blogs, that stifles your growth as a writer. You can find inspiration in the hard news of the day, the celebrity gossip sheets or even in a good editorial cartoon that could get you past the worst writer's block.

    5. Revisit some of your past writing. This isn't only to reassure yourself that you know how to write – although it does help with that. It very well could be that you have written some blogs in the past that could use a good follow up and updating. Technology and the Internet change all the time, and following up one of your more popular articles could attract some of the followers who enjoyed your work all over again.

    So what are you waiting for? Let's put some words on that blank page!

    The Advantage of Persuasive SEO Copy

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    salesmanPut it to work for you!!  

    Does that sound a little salesy?  Sure it does!  It is!  Of course, salesy content is kind of the antithesis of persuasive content, when you think of it.  It’s easy to beat someone over the head to get your point across—not so easy to persuade.  So how do you do it?  SEO copy is, ultimately, sales copy.  However, it’s always riding the fine line between providing useful information and convincing readers to buy something.

    Effective persuasive copy isn’t a magic formula.  It does adhere to some basic guidelines, though.  Make sure that your SEO copy includes the following elements:

    1. Clear explanations – People are more likely to be open to what you have to say when you offer good reasons for your assertions.  “Because I told you so” never worked for your parents, and it doesn’t work for SEO copywriting, either.

    2. Problem solving – Make people’s lives easier, and you are halfway there.  Maybe more.  Persuasive writing offers clear benefits to the reader.  It shows how you can solve their problems.  Identify the reader’s pain points, then address them.

    3. Anticipation of objections – Go into your work knowing that someone out there will refute your assertions or raise an objection of some kind.  Try to anticipate the possible objections.  This raises your credibility by allowing people to see that you’ve not only thought out your position, but you can defend it against those who may disagree.

    4. Outside back-up – References to outside sources, in the form of studies, quotes from thought leaders or statistics of any kind, strengthen your position and make your copy more persuasive.  

    5. Examples/stories – We’ve talked about the power of storytelling before.  People are drawn to stories, most likely because they give your copy concrete meaning.  If you can point to an example that illustrates what you’re trying to say, the reader will be able to more easily imagine the benefits to him.  

    And one more thing.  Persuasion always requires that you come to the table prepared.  So make sure you research your topic thoroughly and use your best grammar.  It’s awfully hard to persuade others when your writing tells them that you don’t know what you’re talking about.

    The best SEO copy sells using effective persuasion techniques.  Have I persuaded you to try them out?

    Half Full or Half Empty? What’s your Blog like?

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    glass waterLet's say you're the CEO of a company that's on its way up. Some marketing guru somewhere has told you that the best way to market your company is by starting a blog.

    So you pay for a few years of a domain and then you realize what that guru should have told you. You can't have a blog without someone to write for it. Since you're in a hurry to get that blog out there, you decide you need a lot of copy fast. So you Google blog copywriting services and decide to put your blog out for bids on one of those writers bidding sites. You know, the ones that people frequent who fancy themselves to be writers, so they'll write for whatever pennies people will throw at them.

    Great! You've found out that you can hire people who will write your copy for a buck per 500 word post! You can get 1000 posts written for a bid of about $50, if you play your cards right. 

    And then you wonder, a few months later, why people are laughing at your blog or bypassing it altogether after a simple click. That's because while you may have found the quantity you want, you probably won't have the quality.

    And quality matters when you're filling your blog.

    It shouldn't cost you a lot to fill your blog, but if your message is going out in paragraphs with misspellings, sentence fragments, grammatical errors or just plain old bad writing, you are sending out the wrong message. If that person you've hired doesn't know the difference between your and you're or there, their and they're, then that person doesn't know squat about how to tell people why they should buy your product.

    Grammar, spelling and proper word use matter when you're presenting your company's image, if you want to present it as an authority in its field.

    And if your people don't know how to present that image, then the best marketing gimmick in the world isn't going to make you a penny.

    Simply lost for words? Try an SEO content professional copywriting service.

    woman thinkIf you have tried to break through to the top level of page rankings on multiple search engines but haven't been able to, then it might be time to hire a professional copywriting service. Hiring such a service can have an impact on your business by creating compelling SEO copy. Professional copywriters have a wide range of knowledge regarding sales copy, website content and articles. 

    How A Professional Copywriting Service Can Help Your Business

    A professional copywriting service can place well-written copy in a number of different places online. Submissions to article directories, adding a blog to your website and creating informative and persuasive sales copy can all be done by copywriters in order to help your business gain attention. Copywriters can also help by contributing fresh website content on a regular basis to add interest and keep your website from becoming stale. 

    Search engine optimization, or SEO, is the best way to increase the page ranking of your website on all of the major search engines. SEO is the art of utilizing certain keywords that people type in when they are trying to find something. For example, if you sell silver jewelry in Ohio and want to increase traffic to your site, then a copywriter can use certain keywords (such as silver jewelry in Ohio) and write copy that will enhance traffic to your website.

    Benefits of Advertising 

    Advertising your business is a sure-fire way to generate interest. Letting people know that your product or service is available and letting them know why they can't live without them is how to generate income. Using a professional copywriting service is an effective form of advertising.  

    Convincing and innovative website content, blog posts and articles are all solid ways to generate interest for your business. A professional copywriter service can help you to reach more people and can add value to your bottom line. Increasing traffic to your website will positively impact your business, and advertising techniques that are used by professional copywriters are generally considered to have a high return on investment. 

    The Big Question: Well, does your copy rise to the Top?

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    I must just have way too much time on my hands.

    How else can I explain it? I'll go online looking for a car charger for my laptop, and I'll end up deep into someone's blog about how laptops are really being used by the government to control our mind waves.

    I'll jump from there into a discussion about how Michael Jackson and Jimi Hendrix were actually the same person and neither one of them are dead, and from there over to Twitter, and from there…

    And yes, my Internet jumping is my fault, I know. But if some company out there had figured out how to make their car charger sales go to the top of my Google search, I might actually be on the way to buying a car charger instead of explaining to some park ranger why I'm writing at the park with my computer plugged into an outlet in one of the shelters.

    That's the whole point of effective SEO or Search Engine Optimization marketing – making sure your website, and therefore, your product, gets to the top of the good old Google list. It's about anticipating what customers will be looking for, so when someone like me comes in and types in laptop, your site will rise above the conspiracy theories, the data entry from home jobs and the offers to win a free laptop by filling out a survey.

    And how do you do that?

    Well, it's not easy.

    In the past, SEO marketing meant repeating your product over and over again. Word count hits on the words laptop, car charger, and computer, the more they were mentioned, brought you higher on the search engines. 

    It also meant horrible copy that nobody would read.

    typingThe modern trend is copy that brings in the customers. Copy that engages them, speaks to them and gets them to not only click on your page link, but keeps them there long enough to click on your product links as well. Does your copy do that? Because if it does, it will lead to more and more people clicking on your site. The more traffic a site gets, the more relevant it is to people's searches and the higher it will go on a Google list.

    This isn't to say that reading about the Jimi Hendrix/Michael Jackson theory isn't a fun way to spend an afternoon – but imagine how much more fun it would have been to be able to read about it on a legally charged computer! 

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