Strategic Marketing Services:

    Depending on your company's current personnel, budget, and competencies, ReadEdge offers strategic marketing services to guide you in the direction that is right for your organization.

    We offer services to our customers as part of a longer term relationship.

    Interim Online Marketing Director.

    This is initially a 4 to 6 month commitment, with continued support offered.
    As the Interim Online Marketing Director we will 

    • Develop the proper strategies, manage vendor selection and production, put in place repeatable processes, and guide online marketing activities to initial successful implementation.
    • Be available either for continued ongoing support or to train and backfill our responsibilities.

    Mentor to your marketing department.

    This is a 2 to 3 month shorter term engagement, with ongoing support offered.
    As a marketing mentor we will 

    • Work directly with your marketing staff, putting in place right methodology based on the budget, the right foundation, the repeatable processes, and initiate the introduction to best of breed vendors.  
    • Assist in rapidly delivering the needed understandings of how to put on focused campaigns designed to deliver unparalleled lead generating results.  

    Our team is made up of senior level executives, who bring expertise, proven methodology, and approach across a broad spectrum of business technology and online marketing disciplines.

    So while we don’t provide the services to fulfill the solution, we have the breadth and depth of skills to make sure the right strategic marketing processes and solutions are implemented correctly.

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