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    Digital Media Advertising Services / SEO / Email Marketing

    Eye Traffic Media

    Media Buying

    Reinforce Your Brand with Digital Media Advertising

    Online advertising, particularly in the social networking space, delivers the best mix of branding with conversion generation.  Digital media buys allow for highly targeted advertising, including behavioral targeting, vertical targeting and geographic/demographic targeting.  These targeting options enable businesses to reach prospective audiences in third-party website environments online.

    EyeTraffic Media’s digital media buying services achieve superior brand positioning and support secondary online conversion goals that provide a lasting ROI value.  They work closely with clients to develop optimal placement strategies for visibility, leveraging our relationships with ad networks and developing unique reach through re-targeting and mobile placements. 


    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consulting Services

    Maintain Maximum search engine Visibility through optimization with EyeTraffic’s SEO consulting services. Whether a corporate website, e-commerce site, campaign microsite or landing page, search engine optimization (SEO) is a foundational online marketing program that empowers your website’s pages to achieve the highest possible position in natural search results on keywords related to your content. To be successful, search engine optimization programs require continuous vigilance and responsiveness to changing patterns in user search behavior, search engine algorithms and best practices for web site architecture.

    EyeTraffic Media’s search engine optimization SEO consulting services focus on developing and maintaining relevant, program-specific, and high-volume, long tail keywords to help push natural website rankings to the top of search engine results pages over time.

    Email Marketing

    Targeted Email Marketing Services

    Targeted Email marketing is a timely, measurable and cost-effective way to stay connected with prospects and customers, continue branding and educational messaging and promote special offers and events.  Targeted email marketing can also act as a fulfillment mechanism for other interactive campaigns.

    Successful email marketing requires great content and creative, and best practices for list management and delivery. EyeTraffic Media is your company’s targeted email marketing services expert. We optimize content for delivery, perform A/B testing, manage list growth programs and measure subscriber interactions for continuous improvement.